We understand that you take your responsibility seriously. You want to fulfill all the requirements set by law and regulations. To achieve this, your quality system must be in order. Kalibra, by years of experience, has an extensive knowledge base and is willing to help you anywhere needed. 

Our quality system has been setup conform the international ISO 17025 standard. Kalibra is audited on a yearly bases by the Dutch Accreditation organisation (Raad voor Accreditation (RvA)) to be sure that Kalibra still complies with all the criteria set in this international qulaity standard. Kalibra has a very large scope and we can calibrate every phisical quantity. For example:

  • temperature;
  • relative humidity;
  • pressure;
  • geometry;
  • weighing instruments.

We can perform the calibrations during your production / maintanance stops. Kalibra can calibrate in-process as well as seperate instruments. The complete calibration will be performed on site and completed with a clear report. 




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